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He fell upon the grass.Merry and Pippin dragged themselves forward and lay down with their backs to thewillow-trunk. Behind them the great cracks gaped wide to receive them as thetree swayed and creaked. They looked up at the grey and yellow leaves, movingsoftly against the light, and singing. They shut their eyes, and then it seemedthat they could almost hear words, cool words, saying something about water andsleep. They gave themselves up to the spell and fell fast asleep at the foot ofthe great grey willow.Frodo lay for a while fighting with the sleep that was overpowering him; thenwith an effort he struggled to his feel again. He felt a compelling desire forcool water. ‘Wait for me, celebrity in movie nude pinay,’ he stammered. ‘Must bathe feet a minute.’Half in a dream he wandered forward to the riverward side of the tree, wheregreat winding roots grew out into the stream, like gnarled dragonets strainingdown to drink. He straddled one of these, and paddled his hot feel in the coolbrown water; and there he too suddenly fell asleep with his back against thetree.Sam sat down and scratched his head, and yawned like a cavern. He was worried.The afternoon was getting late, and he thought this sudden sleepiness uncanny.’There’s more behind this than sun and warm air,’ he muttered to himself. ‘Idon’t like this great big tree. I don’t trust it. Hark at it singing about sleepnow! This won’t do at all!’He pulled himself to his feet, and staggered off to see what had become of theponies. He found that two had wandered on a good way along the path; and he hadjust caught them and brought them back towards the others, when he heard twonoises; one loud, and the other soft but very clear. One was the splash ofsomething heavy falling into the water; the other was a noise like the snick ofa lock when a door quietly closes fast.He rushed back to the bank. celebrity in movie nude pinay was in the water close to the edge, and agreat tree-root seemed to be over him and holding him down, but he was notstruggling. celebrity in movie nude pinay gripped him by the jacket, and dragged him from under the root;and then with difficulty hauled him on to the bank. Almost at once he woke, andcoughed and spluttered.’Do you know, Sam,’ he said at length, ‘the beastly tree threw me in! I felt it.The big root just twisted round and tipped me in!”You were dreaming I expect, Mr. celebrity in movie nude pinay,’ said Sam. ‘You shouldn’t sit in such aplace, if you feel sleepy.”What about the others?’ celebrity in movie nude pinay asked. ‘I wonder what sort of dreams they arehaving.’They went round to the other side of the tree, and then celebrity in movie nude pinay understood the clickthat he had heard. Pippin had vanished. The crack by which he had laid himselfhad closed together, so that not a chink could be seen. celebrity in movie nude pinay was trapped:another crack had closed about his waist; his legs lay outside, but the rest ofhim was inside a dark opening, the edges of which gripped like a pair ofpincers.Frodo and Sam beat first upon the tree-trunk where Pippin had lain. They thenstruggled frantically to pull open the jaws of the crack that held poor Merry.It was quite useless.’What a foul thing to happen!’ cried Frodo wildly. ‘Why did we ever come intothis dreadful Forest? I wish we were all back at Crickhollow!’ He kicked thetree with all his strength, heedless of his own feet. A hardly perceptibleshiver ran through the stem and up into the branches; the leaves rustled andwhispered, but with a sound now of faint and far-off laughter.’I suppose we haven’t got an axe among our luggage, Mr. Frodo?’ asked Sam.’I brought a little hatchet for chopping firewood,’ said Frodo. ‘That wouldn’tbe much use.”Wait a minute!’ cried Sam, struck by an idea suggested by firewood. ‘We mightdo something with fire!”We might,’ said Frodo doubtfully. ‘We might succeed in roasting Pippin aliveinside.”We might try to hurt or frighten this tree to begin with.

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